A Piece of Kansas Soil

$18.95 USD

By Jim Cossaart

paperback • 390 pages • 6 x 9 • photos

"Nobody understood it. Nobody. My love for a piece of Kansas soil was only shared by those who were long buried in it."

Jim Cossaart was a windmill repairman, a blacksmith's apprentice, a tractor salesman, a rancher, and a farmer, who eventually became a dentist. Jim's prairie home has been in his family for six generations. Surviving dust storms, tornadoes, the farm crisis of the 1980s, and near bankruptcy, his farm still stands as a symbol of the tenacity of the tallgrass prairie itself. These beautifully composed stories of the Great Plains, filled with suspense, redemption, love, and barely believable characters, provide the backdrop for the author's personal struggles to preserve both the land and his relationship to it.

Surprised that we're including a book about Kansas? Jim spent considerable time just across the state line in Hubbell, Reynolds, Fairbury, and, of course, Lincoln, especially at UNL's Dental College.

The sharp-eyed reader of Dennis Jones's Parables from the Prairie: How an Admiral Was Trained on Dry Land may also see a family connection: Jim's Great-Uncle Leslie was Dennis's grandfather.



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