Good & Rich: Simple, Ethical Wealth Building for the Younger Generatio

Good & Rich: Simple, Ethical Wealth Building for the Younger Generation

$28.50 USD

By William L. North

Illustrated by Christian Ann Hunzeker

paperback • 356 pages • 8.25 x 11 • illustrations, tables, test questions/answer key, in-book game

The basic elements of saving, budgeting, and compounding are unknown or poorly understood by many preteens and teenagers, severely impacting their ability to manage their finances and save for retirement. "Good & Rich" helps teach the principles of good financial management done ethically. The author's ultimate goal is to have the younger generation retire as multimillionaires and act as a force of good in our communities.

Readers learn how to save, how to budget, how to differentiate between needs and wants, and how to avoid debt. They learn how the stock market works, how it works in their favor over the long term, and how to invest correctly. Throughout the book, the author emphasizes the good that wealth building does for others, as well as the wealth builder.

Good & Rich is written in the form of letters from a kindly grandfather and grandmother in letters to their grandchildren and is extensively illustrated with cartoons to help young readers understand essential points. To reinforce key concepts, each letter is followed by a Golden Nuggets section and test questions. The test questions and accompanying answer key at the end of the book can be used by the student, alone or with a parent or other concerned adult, to play a game called Accumulation. Game money for Accumulation is available with the book for purchases through Nebraska Book Source or can be purchased separately.

"Good & Rich provides any young person or young couple starting their financial future a very valuable tool kit for wealth building. The lessons of patience and persistence are stressed and show that anyone with these characteristics, armed with basic financial tools, can create substantial wealth over their lifetime. There is a step-by-step plan set out for the reader that will assist him or her in obtaining the goals of financial freedom." —Mike Buck, CPA and former finance professor

"Giving this book to your younger loved ones is the single best way to show them how to save and invest, not spend too much, and enjoy life even more." —Dave Lund, successful business owner and investor

"Bill North's book emphasizes Save, Save, Save and do all the wonderful and practical things that Grandfather and Grandmother outline in his excellent book. I didn't know it at the time, since Bill had not yet written his book, but I lived the financial life that they (and he) suggest. Amen." —Thomas E. Allman, business owner and successful investor

William L. North has a masters in business organization with a major in finance from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is a successful investor. He used portions of this book, with some modification, in a continuing education class he taught at Southeast Community College in Lincoln, Neb. Christian Ann Hunzeker is a Nebraska artist.

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