Jesus, the Ordinary Man: Presented by the Queen of the Realm

$15.69 USD

By Jeanne K. Hain Wiemer

paperback • 80 pages • 6 x 9

Jesus, the Ordinary Man crosses the boundary of this world into an inner world of passion, compassion, and personal spiritual truth. The journey takes us back to the roots of Christianity and forward into an era of conscious awareness, with the author's unique mystical perspective guiding us along the way.

The book's primary message—communicated in a compelling mixture of verse and narrative—is to understand Jesus as an ordinary human being with the full range of human emotions, and by doing so, to also understand oneself as a sacred being with limitless potential.

Gary Presley in his Clarion Review wrote that the book "presents a thematic reinterpretation of the Christian message." He noted that "Full appreciation of Wiemer's central thesis requires a familiarity with recent scholarly research that rethinks the place of Mary in the Christian narrative. …Those who appreciate the revelations found in one person's spiritual quest, and who are willing to accept mystical insights unsupported by research, will find a passionate inquiry in the pages of Jesus, the Ordinary Man."

Jeanne K. Hain Wiemer is an author, clothing designer, artist, sculpture and mystic. She is owner and innkeeper of Inner Maker Bed & Breakfast in Seward, Nebraska. A lifetime resident of Seward, she is a member of the Seward Chamber of Commerce, the secretary for both the Nebraska Bed & Breakfast Association and the Lincoln Artists Guild. She is also a member of the Lincoln Arts Council, Omaha Artists, Inc., and Grow Nebraska.

Jeanne's art pieces are created to portray the human and the divine in hopes of inspiring us to directly connect to the spark within. The heart is the universal symbol for love, while the welding and torch used in her sculpture reminds us of the fire of passion and the desire to follow our path by genuinely connecting Heart to Heart with each person we meet.

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