A Pocket Guide to Sauntering, Third Edition (packet of 10)

A Pocket Guide to Sauntering, Third Edition (packet of 10)

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By Jack Phillips

third edition of the popular guide • folded booklet (laminated) • 5 panels • 3.5 x 8 (folds out to 18.25 x 8) • illustrated by Paul A. Johnsgard • quantity discount from $10 cover price

According to author Jack Phillips, "Sauntering can be described as walking in a wild place with intention but without an agenda. A saunter is not a safari, a hike, or a scientific survey. It is not undertaken for exercise, for therapy, or for science. The purpose of sauntering, if there is one, is to experience nature deeply and to let curiosity grow."

This booklet is an outdoor guide, folding out to five panels with a half-inch spine and a front and back cover. It has been made to be carried easily in the field, giving the reader the opportunity to read a few of Jack's words, as well as quotes and an excerpt from "Walking" by Henry David Thoreau. The heavy gloss lamination will help protect the guide from wear and tear. Two illustrations by noted ornithologist and biologist Paul A. Johnsgard are featured in the booklet.

This is a different take on the concept of a physical book, and we think you'll be enchanted by it.

Let A Pocket Guide to Sauntering guide you the next time you take a walk—er, saunter—in the woods.

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