Casting Stones

Casting Stones

$12.00 USD

By G. M. Barlean

paperback • 220 pages • 5 x 8

A simple error in judgment leaves James Raven a broken man—his wife dead, his infant son motherless. He goes back home seeking solace, only to find more sorrow—and a woman he holds in contempt, Esther Barton, his father's hired girl. Missteps seal James's fate. His child suffers abuse and neglect at the hands of the one he has scorned, and the woman James once judged unacceptable now judges him. Trapped and helpless, he can only watch in horror. Who will save the Ravens when they cannot save themselves, and at what cost? Their salvation ends with blood on their hands, and they must bury their sins deep in the Loess Hills of Missouri. 

G. M. (Gina Marie) Barlean is married, has two grown children, a schnauzer, and a white cat that sheds on everything. She loves to cook, bake, and read. Barlean is a cynic hiding in a happy-go-lucky woman's body, and she is definitely not a morning person. Learn more on her website.

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