Fox at the Wood's Edge: A Biography of Loren Eiseley

Fox at the Wood's Edge: A Biography of Loren Eiseley

$20.00 USD

By Gale E. Christianson

paperback • 528 pages • 6 x 9 • bibliography, index

Loren Eiseley challenges us to this day with his uneasy interpretations of humanity's place in the world. The haunting melancholy that pervades much of Eiseley's work grew out of a loveless childhood in which he spent much time alone in the natural world. His mother was mentally ill and his father, a singularly unsuccessful traveling salesman, spent little time at home. Perhaps in an effort to compensate, Eiseley drove himself relentlessly to succeed. Gale E. Christianson's biography offers an unexpurgated evaluation of a man whose difficult past helped shape the brilliant essays that continue to dazzle new audiences.

Referred to by Publishers Weekly as a "modern Thoreau," Nebraska native Loren Eiseley (1907–77) was a nature science writer, philosopher, anthropologist, and educator, and was Benjamin Franklin Professor of Anthropology and History of Science at the University of Pennsylvania at his death. Gale E. Christianson, formerly a professor of history at Indiana State University, is the author of numerous biographies.

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