Laid Off & Loving It for 2010

Laid Off & Loving It for 2010

$15.95 USD

By Paul David Madsen

paperback • 280 pages • 5.5 x 8.5 • bibliography, index

If you find yourself looking for a new job or are unhappy with your present career, this book will provide inspiration and practical advice on how others have successfully achieved the transition to a more fulfilling work life. Author Paul Madsen will show you how to rebuild your career or small business with social media's help and learn how to advance your career or business by leveraging your existing skills using Twitter and LinkedIn.

"For most people, a career crisis can be among the most stressful of life events. Finances and self-esteem are bruised and bloodied. The pressure builds because we live in a changing world… We attempt to navigate the ladder of success in an age when job security is nothing more than illusion. Like a mirage in the desert, positions and careers vanish with little notice. The reality of work life today is that security and risk have become so compressed that it's difficult to recognize one from the other.
"In this volatile environment, we must focus on what we can control. Making appropriate occupational choices is fundamental to success but frequently difficult. Whether laid off or unhappily employed, you stand at the crossroads of two divergent journeys. One road is traditional and well worn, the other progressive, sophisticated and personal. Choosing the first highway might get you a job. Venturing down the road less traveled can provide fulfillment and meaning."


—From the foreword by Curt McLey, CPC, CEO of Harrison Moore, Inc. and longtime radio personality


Paul David Madsen of Omaha, Nebraska, is a seasoned career strategist specializing in headhunting, placement, and job coaching since 1984. Madsen's seminars and coaching have provided strategies and results for his career-transition students and clients for the past twenty years. For more information, visit Grow Media.

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