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By George Haecker

paperback • 60 pages • 5 x 7

This is the third in a series of poetry books, including Meanderings and Meanderings Too, that explores day-to-day life, events, and circumstances, and the messages found in them. There is no hidden agenda, just observations laid before us.

The first poem in the book is "Earthern Gray":

When we poured the new walk
in the backyard
to keep from puddle jumping
while winding our way from drive to door

it laid clean and bright and
I wondered with the patina of the cottage time-worn and mellowed
when the walk might adapt

to this old place and if I would live long enough to see its whiteness and brightness
weather dim and darken
to an earthen gray.

George Haecker is an architect with a special interest both in historic preservation and contemporary design. On occasion he sails, motorcycles, paints, and writes poetry. He lives in Omaha, Nebraska, and on Madeline Island, Wisconsin, with his wife, Judy.

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