The Cloud of Doom

The Cloud of Doom

$14.95 USD

By Jack Loscutoff

paperback • 189 pages • 5.5 x 8.5

Planet earth in the year 2035 faces problems ranging from global warming and rising sea levels to overpopulation, hunger, corporate greed, and religious and political strife. One night a glowing blue-white cloud appears in the sky. From the same direction, a mysterious source of deadly gamma rays is detected. Are these signs of Judgment Day, an alien invasion, or something even more catastrophic? Join astronomer Dr. R. Cooper Smythe as he journeys to the outer reaches of the solar system in search of an answer.

"The Cloud of Doom is a fast-moving sci-fi adventure that has serious points to make, as well." —John Keenan, book review editor, Omaha World-Herald

"[The Cloud of Doom] is a highly compelling story… The dialogue is superb, and the narrative is a lot of fun as well as being intellectually intriguing." —Stanley P. Baldwin, freelance editor and co-author of J. R. R. Tolkien: His Life and Works

Jack Loscutoff graduated in 1967 with an MBA in English and American literature from San Francisco State College. He taught literature and writing courses at various Midwest institutions of higher education. He began his own creative writing in 1989.

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