Waiting for My Sailor

Waiting for My Sailor

$11.95 USD

By Genevieve Eppens

paperback • 72 pages • 6 x 9 • photos

A touching memoir, Waiting for My Sailor describes the story of Glen and Genevieve, young newlyweds in rural Nebraska whose life together is fractured by the onset of World War II. Eppens writes about her wartime experiences between 1942 and 1945 simply but with passion, expressing the hardships she and her family endured in a compelling conversational style. These harsh realities included government rationing, the unfortunate legacy of poverty from the Great Depression, and the overall confusion and uncertainty of war. Over forty Depression and World War II-era photographs of family and memorabilia are included in the book.

"I hope our story will give my children and others a better appreciation of what life was like for so many during that time in history, and realize how fortunate they are today," Eppens writes.

As the World War II generation passes on, books like Eppens' become essential to preserving the memories of the war years. Too few books have focused on the home front, where the ones left behind fought their own battles for survival, emotional and otherwise.

Genevieve Eppens has published several works, including poetry and humor piece about her family life, in the Lincoln Journal-Star and Life Lines Magazine.


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